– 226 g FF cream cheese, softened ⁣
– 208 g creamy peanut butter⁣
– 33 g @bowmar_nutrition Protein Salted Caramel, divided⁣
– 233 g FF whipped cream, divided⁣
– 30 g peanuts⁣
– 75 g chocolate sprinkles ⁣
– vanilla wafers, for dipping


Serving Size: 8

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese and peanut butter with a rubber scraper. ⁣

2. Put 35 g of the whipped cream into a plastic bag and place in freezer.⁣

3. Add half of the remaining whipped cream and half of the PSC into the cream cheese/peanut butter mixture. Gently stir until combined. Repeat with the remaining whipped cream and PSC, plus the peanuts. ⁣

4. Lay a large piece of plastic wrap onto a flat surface. Pour the mixture into the center and wrap it up.⁣

5. Shape it into a rough football shape and transfer it onto a plate. Freeze for an hour. ⁣

6. Fix and shape the mixture to look more like a football, then freeze again overnight. ⁣

7. Remove from the freezer. Take the wrapped dip off of the plate. Unwrap it, but keep it sitting on the plastic wrap. ⁣

8. Dump the sprinkles on top of the dip, using the plastic wrap to fully coat it. Make sure to gently press the sprinkles into the dip so they don’t fall off. ⁣

9. Remove the whipped cream in the bag from the freezer. Cut one tip of the bag off and pipe the football laces onto the top of the dip. ⁣

10. Transfer to a plate and serve with vanilla wafers. Enjoy!⁣

From the kitchen of: Katharina Garcia-Nelson